Legend Parameter Domain - PROBLEMS

Dear people, I am trying to make my own legend in which I divide the data into number ranges (percentage ranges)! I have found the component ‘Legend Parameter Categorised’. Unfortunately I have problems to create the domains. No matter how I write it, it does not work. Even if I do it as described in the component.

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @Dan94 ,

You should carefully read the description of the _domain input of LB Legend Parameters Categorized:

A list of one or more numbers noting the boundaries of the data categories. For example, [100, 2000] creates three categories of (<100, 100-2000, >2000). Values must always be ordered from lowest to highest.

Don’t pass the input through the Domain component and just plug in a list like:

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Wow, now it works! I had somehow misunderstood about the list. Thank you so much Chris. You are the best <3

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