Legend - Visualize Microclimate Map

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there is a way to maintain the same legend when i run a Microclimate map analysis.

To be more clear I would like to know if when I try to have a look step by step (let´s say in the morning, afternoon and evening) to the results of the analysis period, there is a way to have always the same legend. Because I have seen that it changes depending on the plotted values and not on the values of the entire analysis. I have tried to use Legend Par but I still have the same problem.

Someone have some suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance



LegendPar works for me. See this example to make sure that you are suing it correctly:


Also, if you plot a degFromTargetMtx or a pmvMtx, the default legend will always be the same as you scroll through cases since this legend is set by human comfort from cold to hot as opposed to the specific connected data.


Hi Chris!

My fault, you are right and with LegendPar you get the same legend. Thanks a lot!!

But…another question: how can I have a more visible difference between one temperature to another?

Let me explain: as you can see from the first image attached is really clear where the temperature is cold and where is warm. This was the results when i had the “wrong” legend that was changing depending on the plotted values. Meanwhile, as you can see from the second image attached, the visual difference between temperatures is not so clear.

I was trying to change the customColors, the gradIndex from the gradient component, the Buondaries, but is never so clear as in the previous “wrong” case…

Have you got any suggestions? thanks a lot again!!

This Forum is ALWAYS so helpful!! :slight_smile:

Well, when you lock the legend to an annual spread, smaller differences in value simply will not be as pronounced anymore, because the legend scale does not adapt to the minimum and maximum values present in your data stream.

So you can’t really have it both ways, I’m afraid.

Does that make sense?



Hi Max,

Thanks a lot for your answer! It absolutely makes sense, but I still don´t understand one thing: if i input just one day as analysis period, i should have just one maximum and minimum values which adapt to my data stream, right? So in that case I should have a pronounced graph, right? But i have tryed and I have not. Why?

Thanks again


In theory, yes, but only if you disconnect the min/max parameters!


Also, Claudia,

Keep in mind that the analysis period shows you the average temperature for each point over the day (not the min and max of the day). As such, the average varation over an analysis period may be less than that at a particular hour.


Ok, that makes sense!

Thanks a lot Chris and Max!