Let the ladybug fly? Sunpath run-time error

I’m super excited I found this plug-in and will tell EVERYONE I know about this! but I can’t even seem to get it started- Both the daily and annual sunpath are set to true and the warning messages although funny (image) is not helpful…maybe someone can shed some light on the situation?

Hi Nada,
Grab the ladybug_ladybug component from the first tab and set letItFly to True. Then it should work fine.
There is also a sample file that might help you to get started.

Hey Mostapha,

AWESOME thank you so much for the quick reply and such an amazing plug-in! I already posted LadyBug on my facebook page I can’t wait to rock this!



Hi Nada! Good to know that you liked it. This is the Facebook page for Ladybug if you want to be posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LadyBugforGrasshopper

hi Mostapha… ladybug wont fly with me, it says
1. Default file path can’t have white space. Please set the path to another folder.
Ladybug failed to fly! :frowning:

please help