Light redirecting Deeper is not working

I am trying to redirect light to a greater depth. And I want to make that 300 lux value much deeper. But somehow it doesn’t show much of the changes even after changing -ad, -ab, -lw and high material property values (See image below)

I already refer to previous topics which are these - 01, 02, and 03.

Also, when I try to add an extra element in between the room on the ceiling with more reflective and specular value than the ceiling itself, still it doesn’t help me out in reflecting the light or taking the average of 300 lux deeper. (see the image below)

Can anyone help me solving this?
Light (785.8 KB)

Hi @akash.changlani,

You should not use RADParameters together with RADParGridBased. Since the two components do not work together, your simulations are running with the same parameters even though you tried to adjust them. You should use only RADParGridBased. With the complexity (from 0-2) you can use a set of predefined parameter values. If you wish to overwrite certain parameters (or add parameters) you should use the input radOptPar_ as seen in the image below.

Since your complexity was set to 0, your simulations were running with quite low settings (-ab 2 -ad 512). As a start, try to simply up the complexity to 1 without inputs to radOptPar_ and you should see a change in your results. In my simulation, with a different weather file, the average lux in the room increased by more than 100 lux and the depth at which there are 300 lux changed significantly - just by changing complexity from 0 to 1.


Hello @mikkel,
Thanks for replying. It’s working now and showing me a better result.
Thank you.