Lighting Control Group issue

Hello all,

Using the Honeybee_Read Annual Result I with multiple lighting Control Group inputs Honeybee calculate only the first, the second and third return zero, but Daysim can calculate up to 10 lighting zones. Is there a specific procedure to follow to have all the Lighting groups calculated at the same time? If I Graft the lightingControlGroups_ input in the Honeybee_Read Annual Result I component then the Daysim report don’t even show the second and third line for control groups, but just the first.
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(Screenshot of the definition excert)

(creeshot of the Daysim report excerpt)

Hi Francesco,

I’m not sure how you graft them but can you try something like the image below and let me know if it works.

Hello Mostapha,

I am sorry but it doesn’t work also in this way. Before I was grafting directly in the lightingControlGroup_ input but the result is the same, when grafting (in any way) only the first lightingControlGroup is reported in the Daysim report.

One main doubt I have is: when we use the lighting control groups should the _testPoints of the Honeybee_Read Annual Result I component be branched in the same order like the sensor points of each lighting control group? Actually I believe not because on the test points are given the main results about daylight availability and autonomy of Daysim and if we use smaller groups of point we will not have anymore general results for the entire room but many for the single zones.

To explain better: I have one large retail shop for which I am testing the daylighting autonomy and electric lighting saving given by skylights. I use one single (total of 1812) list for the test points then I subdivide the hall in 5 (before were 3) lighting zones so the sensor points are the same of the test points but divided in 5 separate groups. That is to say I am working with one single zone but asking 5 different lighting control groups in it. is it possible?


Hi Francesco,

Recently, i learn simulation of electric lighting energy use with automatical control system. Do you mind to send your gh file to me. Your help will be much appreciated.

Lu xiangting

Hello Lu Xiangting,

this work is for a private customer so I cannot send files. But I will develop something similar

and I will send you as soon as possible.



Hello again Mostapha,

I developed a simple model with basic settings to check again the lightingControlGroups feature of the Honeybee_Read Annual Result I. But it doesn’t work yet, as you can see from the print of the Daysim report there is only one lighting group result. Hope you can tell me what’s wrong in it.

I made a simple box room, and I divided the room in three lighting groups using as sensor points for the three lighting groups three groups of test points. You can see in the Rhino screenshot the red, yellow and blue points.

You can check the definition screenshot and the gh file I attach (this is also for Lu Xiangting that was asking for files) so you can tell me what is going wrong. Thank you!!


Francesco (434 KB)

Thank you Francesco for putting the file together. Really helpful. I will take a look tomorrow and let you know the results.



Thank you Mostapha!


Hi Francesco. You are right. There is something wrong with the component. I opened an issue and I will try to get it fixed ASAP.


Hello Mostapha,

good thank you! How to know when it will be fixed? I just check regularly the github repository and see for the date of the specific userObject?



Haven’t had a chance to get it fixed yet but will do it soon.

Ok good!


thanks to Mostapha and Chris the lightingControlGroups componenent has been fixed so now it is possible to input multiple Daysim lighting groups and additionally has been added a component to read the electric light energy consumption from the Daysim report directly into Grasshopper (Honeybee_Daysim Electrical Lighting Use). Good job!!

The GitHub links……


Dear Francesco and Mostapha,

Followed by your old post, I have a question regarding the work mechanism of the lighting control in HB/Daysim.

To make it short:

Which specific sensor point (out of many) in your “lightingControlGroup” should fulfill the requirement of **"**lightingSetpoint" (300lux)?

in other words:

Does it mean that the average illuminance calculated from all the “sensorPoints” in your “lightingControlGroup” should fulfill the **"****lightingSetpoint" **requirement?

(if this is the case, but the lighting schedule obtained from DSElectricalLightingUse is different from the lighting schedule obtained by post-processing/checking all the hourly illuminance results at all the sensorPoints)

Thank you in advance for your kind help!



Hereby, I attach the file (edit from Mostapha’s version)

One more question:

What’s the difference, if I hook up lightingControlGroups_ or not? (Because the results are different as well, as shown in the RED arrowhead) (536 KB)