Lighting, Equipment, Fan and Pump values disappeared

Hi @Chris,

Somehow the values for lighting, equipment, fans and pumps have disappeared from the “HB read room energy result” outputs. This although lighting and equipment values where set correctly.

I also noticed that in the thermal load balance the storage moved from negativ to possitiv values. I am not sure but I think both changes appeared after updating LBT.

I attached a simple file containing the same problem. (47.3 KB)


It looks like all electric values are not being reported.

Hi @chris,

I think I found the issue. After de-installing openstudio 3.1.0 and reinstalling OpenStudio 3.0.0 all electric values where back. So I think it has something to do with the communication with the latest Openstudio version.

That makes sense @Erikbeeren . We are not supporting OpenStudio 3.1 yet and a lot has changed between OS 3.0 and OS 3.1. We’ll be making the switch in the development version of the plugin soon and, in all likelihood, LBT 1.2.0 will be the next stable release and it will exclusively work with OpenStudio 3.1.

I love your monthly chart, BTW. Glad to see you’re making use of its new features.

Well… I am quite enthousiast about all the new possibilities.