Limitation of Honey bee additional strings

Hi everyone
When I was attributing convective heat transfer coefficient of each surfaces I met some problem. I used additional strings. Even though the format of each assignment are the same, by comparing with the cases which no additional strings are added, I found that part of the strings worked but the rest didn’t. Is there any limitation or restriction of the additional strings usage?

Hi @Jay, It seems you are using the mode “Multiline Data” for your text panel, which does not work apparently as input of the additionalStrings.

A limitation I faced with the additionalString input (or add_str in the new ladybug tools), is to add an attribute to an object already existing in the idf file (for instance adding the Loads Convergence Tolerance Value or the Minimum Number of Warmup Days in the object Building).
It simply adds a second similar object in the
IDF file, creating a simulation error. Does someone know if there is a walk around?

Thank you Romain, I’ve fixed the problem before. It’s not only about the multi-line Data, the additional strings will always keep memory of the information in last time inputs. One more problem I’m facing now is that using additional strings to form a schedule does not included in Honeybee plugins, I copied the formation in idf files but the value type is not compatible. Do you have relative experience?

Hi @Jay, would you share a grasshopper file example of it, to understand in details the problem?

Hi Romain, sorry for late reply. I have already solved the problem, the method is fine but when copied the script from a IDF file I forgot replace a “,” with “;” in the end of the sentence. :joy:

Thank you for your reply