Limiting Ideal Load power

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to limit the heating power of an IdealLoad system. It generate huge heating peaks and I want to avoid it. I know that in the Idf it’s possible to limit the max heating power or the max flow rate, is it possible with HB ?
I have try to put the component “Air details”, “Heating details” and Cooling details" but there are not allowed with the Ideal Load.

Thanks for your help !

Ideal Air Loads is especially designed for zone sizing. It delivers an amount of energy by suplying air, to meet the zone heating and cooling demands (without taking into account the losses due to ventilation). Thats why it is not possible to put heating, cooling or air details. With using heating, cooling or airdetails you have to be very carefull. If you just change one or two parameters, you will think this will be taken into account with the autosizing of the rest of the parameters, but that is not what happens! If you want to hard size your system you will also have to look and define the heating/cooling supply air temperature.

If you want to avoid these huge heating peaks you can better change the heating setpoint schedule.

Thanks for you reply.
I’m going to change the setpoint schedule.
But when I’m looking at the IDF generated by Grasshopper I don’t understand why is there is a cooling limit and not a heating limit. Thanks to the colling limit there is no such peak when I visualize cooling load.
Do you know how this cooling limit has been created and is it possible to do the same for the heat ?

I haven’t gone that far into energyplus yet.
I saw in the past there were already some issues about this topic.