Line Graphs from Bar Chart Component

For a certain project, I needed to create a monthly line chart instead of the default bar chart that LB - Make Bar Chart component creates. The way to do it was use the data label pts output and put it into a polyline GH component. Firstly,it would be helpful to have that option within the component?

But the problem I was facing was that since the dataLabelPts is really to add data labels, it had an factor added to move the labels above the bar charts (image : 1.jpg) . Since I wanted to depict the line chart with exact values, I removed the factor (+(yS/conversionFac) ) from the python script and it worked. (image : 2.jpeg)

I am thinking if this would be worth incorporating into the component?

I would add this to github so Chris can take a look and implement it if he agrees with your comments.


I like the suggestion and I apologize for the late reply. I will implement this option now while I am fixing a bug that was found on the component.



Your request has been implemented:…

Sync with the github to get the new component and let me know if the new labelPtsOffset input behaves in the way you imagined.


I am trying to create a line graph or scatter plot of hourly data. The Make Bar Chart component groups values by month rather than graphing them sequentially. Is anyone aware of a component that will graph them sequentially?

Hi @Burin ,
The Ladybug visualization components are built to make visualizations that are specific to climate data that can’t easily be created with other software. If we tried to support all types of possible charts within Ladybug, we would sink a bunch of time into recreating the capabilities of other software like Excel and we wouldn’t have enough time to support everything else that we do. So, to get the chart that you are interested in, I would recommend building an excel template that produces the hourly chart. You can export data from grasshopper into the excel template by using grasshopper plugins like TTToolbox. This example file:
illustrates a workflow that that exports data from a Honyebee simulation to Excel to create a chart. In this case, the chart is a plot of peak loads over a design day but this could just as easily be a plot of hourly climate data over a year.

Thanks for the reply. I completely understand your position that visualization is not LB/HB’s core mission. I would only say that you guys did such a good job on the heat map component that it would be fantastic if you were to also include a line / scatter / area graph component. I think this would address 95% of visualization needs. I usually end up visualizing results with Excel or Matplotlib but it’s a cumbersome workflow. It would be convenient if the visualization were integrated in Grasshopper. Others have noted the same: