LMB+Ctrl+Alt shortcut doesn't work


I try to use LMB+Ctrl+Alt (info mode) in the canvas but i shows any of the component under Math and Python class as shown in the attached screenshot. Any pointers would be appreciated…


As far as I know, its because ladybug tools components havent been compiled to grasshopper components yet, so the issue you are facing is inevitable.

Thanks.It seems only HB and LB objects doesn’t follow the above command whereas other plugin does. Any suggestions how to compile LB and HB into the GH?


There is a way you can find the components
Double click on them and you can see the category information here:

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Ladybug and Honeybee are collection of UserObjects and not compiled components. This is an intentional decision to make them more hackable. User can open a component, see the code, make changes and see the results of the change with minimum effort.

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