"Load gbXML OSM IDF" incompatible with new IDF versions

Hi @chris,

It seems the newer version of E+ introduced changes to the idf structure, and IDFs are no longer read properly by the HB Load gbXML OSM IDF component.

I’ve recreated the issue in the script attached, and you can see all the Zone level attributes (program, people, etc.) are not read from the IDF (v22.2). I tried loading an older IDF (v22.1), and it works fine.

Looking quickly through both IDFs, it seems the new Space and SpaceList class in the newer one is causing the issue - or am I missing something?


Load IDF_forum.gh (47.2 KB)

Hey @RafaelA ,

I’m sorry to say that this change is on the side of OpenStudio SDK. It seems that the SDK has dropped support for the ability to import space loads from the IDF format since using the “Import IDF” feature of the OpenStudio SDK or Application does not assign loads to any of the Spaces:

Without the ability for the OpenStudio SDK to import loads from IDF, there’s nothing we can really do on our end to get this to work. We can open up an issue on the OpenStudio Github and ask if this is actually a bug or just some new expected behavior.

In the meantime, if you want a format that will preserve the loads, you can see that they’re still import-able from the .osm format:

And, of course, HBJSON is the only format that is completely lossless from Honeybee.

thanks @chris , I’ve opened and issue in Openstudio Github.

In some edge cases we make adjustments to the idf directly, to use some energyplus features that aren’t yet implemented in OS or HBJson (such as special ground boundary conditions). Other than that, we rely on the HBJson that works so well :slight_smile:

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