Load Mesh:Solution exception:WindowsError

Hi everyone
I have some trouble when trying to run outdoor air analysis in butterfly.
I have tried the solution posted in github, but I still can’t fix it:frowning_face:
It’s the problem about window serror in the Loadmesh and snappyHexmesh components.Just like the pictures.
It seems that errors are in line 112/125/135, but I can’t understand the meanning about the scripts.

Can you advise how to slove this problem?!
Thank you

This is the problem in loading mesh

This is the script of load mesh, but I cannot understand the meaning of it and I don’t know what’s wrong with it:frowning_face:

Hi @danya

Could you let us know why you plugged 2 cables into the loadMesh component?


oh! Cause I want to display the result of both blockmesh and snappyhexmesh, so I connect the blockmesh and snappymesh to loadmesh.
And even if I just plugge 1 cable to loadmesh component, It still have the same error.:frowning_face:So does snappyhexmesh component.

Thank you for your reply.