Loading information from calculated model

Hi, I am a beginner to butterfly.
I have several questions regarding butterfly.

  1. How can I control the refinement level for the outdoor simulation building object? I have created an interior space within the building as well for the simulation.

  2. In Interior simulation there are several panel I can simultaneously add and calculate and see the result. But when I do the same ( adding more plane as brep ) for the exterior simulation, i couldn’t get it right. Is there any ways to see multiple plane for the simulation?

  3. How can I save the simulated result and load it again for the next time to continue the project? I found that the result are saved in the C:/user/butterfly … folder, is there a way to load it into the grasshopper? Basically I just want the velocity and the point location so I can continue my visualization works without fear losing the calculation after closing rhino.

Many thanks!