Location of HB_Decompose Based on Type in the LB Tools V 1.6.0


I am a beginner of using LB tools and am using V 1.6.0 and Rhino units is millimeters

I am trying to test LB_Visibility Percent (V 1.6.0). I am guessing it used to be called LB_View Analysis (V 0.0.69).

I used Deconstruct Object instead of HB Decompose Based on Type component because I could not find the Decompose component.
Then a warning appear as shown below image:

  1. Input parameter _geometry failed to collect data!

Does the HB Deconstruct Object is right to use the Decompose component instead?
Is there any way to get correct geometry?

HB Decompose Based on Type.gh (49.8 KB)

Thanks for your advise in advance!

First of all, the unit of rhino should be meter. The faces from decompose is HB object other than geometry. It may be the reason.