Logarithmic Scale for FalseColor images


I am currently working at my office on glare studies and have to generate some falsecolor images.

In this process, I wanted to generate images with logarithmic scale and would like to know if it would be possible to make this feature available in the “Honeybee_Falsecolor” component ?

Im a using the wxfalsecolor tool for now for this purpose : https://github.com/tbleicher/wxfalsecolor
But using this tool, I also encountered an issue with radiance 5.2, which was resolved once downgrading to 5.1. Do any of you know how to make falsecolor2 work properly with Radiance 5.2 ?

Thanks in advance,


Honeybee uses flasecolor2 under the hood so it should be possible to modify the component to get what you need.

What stops you from using Honeybee with Radiance 5.1? Then everything should work with your current workflow?

Hi Mostapha,

I managed to modify the component as you stated by adding a “log_” input which takes an integer and modifies the batch command.

Concerning Radiance 5.1, this isn’t an issue for me I was just wondering if there was a quick fix for this !

Thanks fo your help

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Hello Mostapha

May I ask which line should “log_” be added in HB False Color component to create logarithmic scale?
This post have been solved but I still couldn’t figure out how to modify the component. :sweat_smile:

Thank you

Mimi Kwan

Hi @mimigilli0323,

You can create an input to the component as shown below, or just copy the component from the attached Grasshopper file.
viewbased.gh (85.5 KB)

I have sent a pull request so this can be added to the component that ships with LBT - if @chris approves the changes.


Thanks for exposing the option, @mikkel . The changes have been merged and they’re now available through the LB Versioner component.


Hello Mikkel
Thank you for taking your time and adding the function.
Really appreciate the prompt response. Thank you.

Mimi Kwan

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