Louver Material

Hi everyone

I want to investigate the effect of louver material on daylight and energy consumption, in this case, I choose HB_EP Window shade generator which takes most of the information that I wanted to add except Radiance material which I think is important too.
How can I have my algorithm in which control EP and RAD materials with this specific information I want to change for optimization like numbers of them or angle, depth, …
Although we have “reflectance” input in HB_energyplus shade material component, I’m also asking is that enough to research about the reflectance too instead of what we have in HB_radiance opaque material? and does it affect daylight analysis because it is not a Radiance material?
I can use Ladybug_ShadingDesigner which has most of the parameters for the input of daylight analysis but unfortunately, it doesn’t have “distance to glass” parameter and also doesn’t take RAD material.

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Unless you are relying in E+ daylight capabilities the definitions you are doing for E+ have nothing to do with those for Radiance. If you intend to use both models you need to define the material properties for each of them.
You need to take the shadeBreps from the EPWindowShades component and plug it to the HBSurface in order to be able to apply Radiance materials.

Thank you Abraham for your response.

I think somehow I got what you said and when I want to combine them all I should use both outputs of HB_Set Radiance Materials which have material for walls, ceiling and floor and also my room volume is included plus the output of HBSurface to _HBObjects input of HB_Run Daylight Simulation, is that correct? (These are just assigning materials for daylight simulation)


Not sure i understood what you are saying but i guess the answer is yes.
You can build a simple example to explain.

Sure. I’m pretty sure that I will face some question during this process then I will ask you again and many thanks to you.