Luminance simulation + IES2RAD

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on an False color glare analysis for a room that includes daylight and artificial lighting. Now I know that there is a feature in Legacy where it is possible to create an IES2RAD component. Is it possible to connect this IES2RAD component to ladybug 1.4?

The way i have setup my model doesnt really work with legacy :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

We haven’t yet added support for IES lumaires in the LBT plugin but it’s on our roadmap and we hope to do it soon. If you really needed this now, you can hack it by dropping the Rad files generated by the Legacy IED2RAD component into the scene sub-folder of the Radiance Model folder generated from the LBT plugin. Then you can plug the path of that model folder into the HB-Radiance recipe that you want to run.