Mac OS installation issue - Second toggle

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One of my student is encountering this issue when installing LBT on a Mac (2017 running Big Sur OS) and I couldn’t find a way around so far:

1. Solution exception:ApplicationName=’/Users/celinemaissonave/ladybug_tools/python/bin/python3’, CommandLine=’-m pip install lbt-dragonfly==0.9.130’, CurrentDirectory=’/’, Native error= Cannot find the specified file

Would you have an idea on what causes this?

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The error message makes it seem like the first toggle/component did not run successfully. Or maybe that the student didn’t follow the instructions output by the component or noted in the online Mac installation instructions, which tells them to manually unzip the file at /Users/celinemaissonave/ladybug_tools/

If you’re still getting this error message and there is a file in the following location, then it’s a deeper issue that will require more debugging:

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