Machine Learning + Ladybug

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I am curious to take a step forward and use my humongous Ladybug data to use in Machine Learning environment. Does anyone has any idea how to approach the subject? I have seen this methodology but methodology section is rather brief:

‘Machine Learning Algorithm-Based Tool and Digital Framework for Substituting Daylight Simulations in EarlyStage Architectural Design Evaluation’ Radziszewski K., Waczyńska M.:

Thanks in advance for any input.

I have been an active user of general McNeel forum. It is one of my first posts here.

Hello, @gr_ru
You can talk with my custom GPTs called Ladybug Tools Study Assistant.
Here is the link
Here is the answer about your question.

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Although the problem is - I don’t know which framework should I adapt. Or at least where can I find more information to make that decision myself.

Can you answer that?

Yeah,It will answer you some relative research information,Then give you more details about further discussion.

Would you be so kind and post the answer here? I have seen that your solver requires a paid version of Chat GPT. From the image that you have pasted before - it gives a vague guidelines which I was already familiar with.

Don’t get me wrong - I am happy that you have developed a great tool- but on the other hand - I don’t want to pay for something which does not solve my problem.

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OK,I get your information.I suggest you use Google Bard and Claude2 similar to ChatGPT.The two AI is free to use.

Hello, I am a fan of machine learning and deep learning. If you are interested, we can communicate. Although my English is not very good.