Magnification of "view from sun"


I try to export png image using “view from sun”.
This component indicates overall view,but T want to set my magnification like upload image(idealimage).
I think I can set a magnification on grasshopper python script,but I can’t understand this script.
If I can set any magnification or lock magnification, please tell me how to do it.


viewfromsum.3dm (1.01 MB) (389 KB)

Hi Taizo,

You can zoom in once the new viewport is created and it will stay the same after that.


Hi, Mostapha

thank you for your advice.

When another new viewport is created ,the new viewport’s magnification is reset to overall.(like this movie…)

I want to keep magnification same as old viewport.

Is this impossible?

bandicam 2016-11-28 11-22-26-279.mp4 (2.6 MB)

Hi Taizo,

The problem is with the resolution setting (width and hight). When you use these options, the viewport is automatically updated each time so it may go out of your zoom area.
Disconnect it and it should work fine.


PS: It is not a Rhino 7 issue.