Making a wind Rose analysis

Hello Everyone! I am working in a university architecture project, and we are not using at all tools like ladybug which I find fascinating.

I am struggling to find a good tutorial in how to make a wind rose analysis as I am very new to this algorithm universe. Most of the tutorials I found use tools that my ladybug doesn’t have so I can’t really use them.

I’ve got a .epw file of the region my project is, and I successfully linked it to the first parameters but I don’t know how to proceed to use the parameters to make this analysis.
You will find my advance as of today in the following images. (I know it’s probably the easiest thing in the world for you to make a wind Rose analysis, so I count on you to help a Noobie :slight_smile:).

Thank you for your attention,

Welcome to the forum.
In the installation file you downloaded from food4rhino there is a samples directory. You can find there an example for creating a wind rose.

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Found it, thank you, but I don’t know how to select another file: There is already one with data form Beijing, China, but I want to put some data from Lyon, France. Do you know how to select another location?
Also there is an error in the Wind rose (visualise data) component, is there anyway I can fix it?


Can you insert a panel into the report output of the WindRose component and copy and paste the full error message here?

You can download an EPW file for your location from this website:

And with regards to learning how to use the component, if you hover your mouse over the input and output labels, you’ll see explanations for what each of the parameters and outputs mean.


Hello, thank you very much for your assistance. I pasted the URL of my region.
Otherwise, here’s a screenshot of the report panel:


Looks like you just have to update your LB version.

Drag the LB Versioner component to your canvas, and set update to True (like below):

That should fix it.


It all worked out, Thank you!