Manage multiples year's schedules

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you a little question: I need to set multiple year’s schedule in orther to improve PMV’s results. The way I’ve decided to use is set different schedules that subdivide one year in 4 periods, in this way:

  1. November - March: 20°C;
  2. April - May: 23°C;
  3. June - August: 26°C;
  4. September - October: 23°C

I’ve tried to build once with “Season schedule” component, but when I’m going to start the simulation, grasshopper give me an error like “Expected week schedule, got year one”.
In which way can I solve this problem? Is there a way that give me the possibility to have multiple year’s set point temperature?

Thank you so much,

你可以参考这个案例 Seasonal Schedule in Honeybee

Thank you so much @zzq, I will try, then I’ll let you know!

The algorithm’s working.
Probably, my error was to link output “schedule” to the input “_baseSchedule”, instead of “weekSchedule”.
Thank you @zzq, and thank you @devang, always the best :wink: