Mapping noise data from Cadna/A Software to Grasshopper

I recently tried to import the noise calculation results from Cadna/A software into grasshopper. It is then visualized through ladybug’s RecolorMesh compotent. At present, visualization of planar noise data has been completed. However, there are still some problems in the noise visualization of the facade. So need some guys help me.

The picture below showed planar noise data visualization
Cadna/A result is here.
Grasshooper visualization is here.

Perfect matching!!!
But facade noise visualization is more hard. I tried to user my workflow for visualization.
It looks like weird.

And Cadna/A 3d visualization is here.

I want mapping the Cadna/A to building facade. Anyone can help me?
Here is the rhino file\gh file\results in excel file.
Mapping data for (377.0 KB)
test.3dm (657.8 KB)
facade noise.xlsx (328.4 KB)

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Don’t have the time to look at the files, but are you identifying correctly the geometry from the data in the excel results?
I’m pretty sure you are not. I suggest to run a simpler case (like 2 boxes, or even 1) so you can debug easier the results and match them to the proper geometry.
Your first example is fine because you have only one analysis surface.
Interesting case.

@AbrahamYezioro Thanks for your reply. The planar data is using rectangle mesh,so it is easily for visualization.But the facade data is using more complex mesh.I do not know how to rebuild it for visualization.
Here is the gh file screenshot for planar data visualization.

Hello guys,
I am working with CadnaA, in a project of noise map.
I have a problem of importing the files.

I prepeared the bulidings file in QGIS and when I open it on CadnaA, it does not show the atribute of height of buildings? How should I prepare the table in QGIS, or other examples that would help me with that?

Hi Minggang Yin, I checked your file and I cannot run it, but I find it very intersting. I would like to ask you a few questions, if you dont mind me contacting you. I know this post is old but I find it useful. Best regards,