Mars - Daylight + Radiation

Hello everyone, I found a Martian weather csv file. I was wondering if it is possible to change ladybugs logic that the site is located on Earth with those or Mars:

import astropy.units as u
from astropy.constants import R_mars, R_sun

def mars_parameters():

  • axial tilt of Mars in degrees*

  • axial_tilt = 25.19*

  • orbital radius of Mars in kilometers*

  • orbital_radius = (1.523679 * u.AU).to(*

  • orbital period of Mars in Earth days*

  • orbital_period = 686.97 **

  • length of a year on Mars in Earth days*

  • year_length = 365.24 **

  • return axial_tilt, orbital_radius, orbital_period, year_length*

# Get the parameters for Mars
axial_tilt, orbital_radius, orbital_period, year_length = mars_parameters()

print(f"Axial tilt of Mars: {axial_tilt} degrees")
print(f"Orbital radius of Mars: {orbital_radius.value} kilometers")
print(f"Orbital period of Mars: {orbital_period.value} days")
print(f"Year length on Mars: {year_length.value} days")

or maybe

import numpy as np

def position_of_planet(time, axial_tilt, orbital_radius, orbital_period, year_length):

  • Calculate the position of the planet in its orbit*

  • theta = 2 * np.pi * time / orbital_period*
  • Determine the x, y, and z coordinates of the planet*

  • x = orbital_radius * np.cos(theta)*
  • y = orbital_radius * np.sin(theta) * np.cos(axial_tilt)*
  • z = orbital_radius * np.sin(theta) * np.sin(axial_tilt)*
  • return x, y, z*

# Constants for Mars
axial_tilt = 25.19
orbital_radius = 1.52
orbital_period = 1.88
year_length = 686.98

# Determine the position of Mars relative to the Sun at a given time
time = 100 # in days
x, y, z = position_of_planet(time, axial_tilt, orbital_radius, orbital_period, year_length)

print(“The position of Mars relative to the Sun is ({:.2f}, {:.2f}, {:.2f})”.format(x, y, z))

meaning that if ladybug default is set with Mars location and stats all I need to do is import an epw or a list of values to the ladybug component with coordinates and it will work?

or even play with the datetime of python?