Massing-facade views to sky

Hello everyone,

I’ve tried to search through the forums as I’m sure someone else must have done this but I may be wrong!

I’ve used the script, “Quanitfy Visual Access to Scenery” from the Hydra sharing site but to use differently to see views towards the sky as opposed to landmarks or specific areas referred into the script as Viewing Surface.

I would like to post the script or an image to help explain (I can’t apparently as a new user) but essentially I’m testing the idea of proposing a multi-mass project where the close proximity of the buildings will suffer from limited daylight/views. I wanted to test different forms and by doing so analysing the results. I thought to use a single mass as the test bed and then the surrounding buildings as the context. I tried to use 2/3/4 on the _viewTypeOrPoints function in the Ladybug_viewAnalysis but only for GH to crash.

So to replace the sky I modelled a hemisphere above and linked that through as the viewing surface, with the surrounding as context, and my single mass as a test. I got a result but rather a ‘harsh mix of colours’… e.g. low percentage parts of the facade grid directly next to high percentage parts. Therefore I’m sceptical its working but looks like its on its way.

If anyone could help see if this is the right workflow it could be really useful to use for others on the forum!

Happy to post/send however possible

I want to be able to study different massing options in relation to views and daylight. If anyone can push me in the right direction to relevant scripts/forums/posts/etc, that would be really appreciated!

Many thanks