Material Vegetation Idf Json

Hi, I try to add Custom material RoofVegetation
(text IDF example, that I’ve found here Group – Surface Construction Elements: Input Output Reference — EnergyPlus 9.4 )
in version 1.1.0 to - …ladybug_tools\resources\standards\honeybee_standards\constructions
but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried to add it as Idf file et as Json file. I’d just saved a text in text editor in idf/json format.

If I understand well in version 1.1.0 I have to do json file for material? Where could I find which format I need to do for custom material json file? Or which way I can do new json for HB? If I understand well in IDF example in link I have all necessary data for RoofVegetation material.

Thank you.

Hi again,
I’ve created a Json file for Material:RoofVegetation, but it gives me an error : Solution exception : expecting object : line 10, column 14, char 247. Could you have a look at the file please?

vegetation.json (788 Bytes)
Thank you.

If I am not mistaken: currently Material:RoofVegetation is not currently supported in the Honeybee-Energy Code at the moment, to simulate with that IDD object I think you could use an open studio measure to ‘swap’ or add to whatever construction you want to use the Mat:RoofVeg with.

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@TrevorFedyna is correct. We still have yet to implement support for it but it’s really not a big task to add it and I think you can expect it by the time we release LBT 1.4.

In the meantime, Trevor is correct that using an OpenStudio measure is the most streamlined way to do this right now.