Material/water in honey bee

Hello friends
I add water material. But I get this error that the material has not been added to the library.
Where’s the problem?

Might be due to missing modifier for “wavy”. It’s hard to tell without knowing what the red error message is.
Can you share the Radiance folder for your project?


thank you sarith
this is error .The red Error, of course, was resolved.

Is placed in C:\Radiance\bin ?

In case you are missing in your Radiance installation, you can download the one that I attached.
Cal files are searched for in the variables specified by RAYPATH in your Windows environment. You can figure out your RAYPATH, in case it is set, by the following command:


The period (.) indicates the root project directory from which Radiance was invoked. This will typically be the same directory where Honeybee wrote the batch file to. If is found in any one of the locations specified in RAYPATH, you should not be seeing that error. (223 Bytes)


yes placed… and I pasted the wave,cal n c:/radiance/bin and lib but dos not resolve

Where do I put this file after download? (489.2 KB)

As I mentioned in my post, you need to place it in one of the RAYPATH folders. That would be C:\Radiance\lib in your Radiance installation.
By the way, your file is running fine on my system. (493.0 KB)


perfecttttttt…. thank you so much bro… resolved perfectly

Can i use this as material for analyze urban thermal? If i can, what is the script for it?. Im in struggle to find water material for analyze urban thermal for my undergraduate thesis.
Thank you

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