Math Domain Error - Analysis Period and SunPath

Dear All,

I’m finding that when I plug the analysis period into the sunpath component I am getting a RED “math domain error” message. I haven’t seen this kind of error before. I tried reinstalling LB and HB - but to no avail. Could this be another issue (e.g. GHpython?)

@kennercarmody ,

You’ll probably have to upload an example file for us to be able to recreate the error. Or at least show us the readMe! output of the component so we can see what line of code is failing. It’s possible that you plugged in an illegal input for the analysis period but we just didn’t catch it so you got a generic and unhelpful error message.

Hello @kennercarmody, I had a similar kind of error with a similar component, the solution by @devang down here helped me, perhaps it will help you as well.

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