Math range error

Hi everyone,

I am having an error on the run energy simulation. I checked my zone surfaces by selecting components and solved some problems but I don’t understand what is causing it.

I get this error:

Runtime error (OverflowException): math range error


line 6216, in getAngle2North, "<string>"

line 6716, in init, "<string>"

line 5691, in createSubSurfaceFromBaseSrf, "<string>"

line 5657, in evaluateZones, "<string>"

line 1698, in main, "<string>"

line 2445, in script

line 6005, in checkZoneSurface, "<string>"

Could you please give it a look and see what I have missed?

Thanks in advance!

Here are the files (1.5 MB)
galleries.3dm (1.4 MB)
IRN_Tehran-Mehrabad.407540_ITMY.stat (39.1 KB)

@neroj ,

I am sorry to say that this file is way too large for us to be of help to you:

Please follow the forum guidelines and upload a minimum file that is needed to recreate the error.