Matlab - Grasshopper interaction

Hi all

I recently looked into this awesome blog of Mostapha, here. Some questions appeared in my head which I wasn’t able to find an answer anywhere else:

(1) Is it possible to open & close a Grasshopper file from Matlab? I want to use my Matlab code in the batch mode and as such would prefer that the complete manipulation of other programs is directed by Matlab itself; to keep Grasshopper open is a struggle for me in the batch mode.
(2) In this very examle of Mostapha, the “readParameters” block includes a second input parameter which means to “wakeUpGHPython”. How does this second input parameter work exactly? I am not able to find any code written with it or some other logic behind it; what am I missing?

Thank you for your help guys!

This post is for ages ago! Much has changed.

At least in Rhino 6 is should be straight forward. Look for opening a Grasshopper file from command line and you should find several cases.

I guess it is just connected to force ExpireSolution in grasshopper. There are certainly better ways to achieve this behavior these days. The ExpireSolution keyword should help you to find the right discussions.

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It indeed has changed a lot and I am happy to observe such a huge scale-up of the possibilities and opportunities. Thank you for you answer!