Mean Rad Temperature how to get account for surface radiation from surroundings

hello Guys,

I need to simulate if the radiation relflected from a high gloss façade will affect the comfort of a person standing beside this façade on the exterior side. I’m planning to use A EP simulation to get the mean Rad temperature from the reflective façade and plug that to a Ladybug_Outdoor_Solar_Temperature_Adjustor. And from there plot with a UTCI from a LadyBug_Outdoor_comfort_Calculator.

IS this the right way to go. Any suggestions


Hi Claudio,

This is a tough one right now. There is no simplified way that I know to calculate such a thing. At least not with Ladybug+Honeybee.

There are tools like RADTHERM ( that you can use for such analysis.

I know about an on-going development to model long-wave radiations using Radiance to model situations like this. Meanwhile I don’t think you can run such an analysis with Ladybug+Honeybee.

Do you confirm this Chris?

Hello Mostapha.

Thank you for the link. I’l check that. Meanwhile Chris and I are discussing this topic here (….

According to Chris something is possible with radiance and the MRT comfort components. I’ll post my findings in the discussion linked above.