Mean Radiant Temperature from Energyplus results?

Just a general question about the output from Eerngyplus. I am wondering how does Enregyplus calculate mean radiant temperature? Does it assume that the occupant is a dot situated at the dead center of the zone? Because mean radiant temperature shall also depend on where the occupant is, right? @chris

For questions like this you should refer to EnergyPlus Engineering Reference. Here is the direct link MRT calculation.

The long answer is in the engineering reference and the short answer is, yes, when E+ calculates the MRT, it assumes that the occupant is in the center of the room.

If you are looking to understand how MRT varies over a zone, you can use the Honeybee Microclimate Maps, which can generate visuals of MRT variation over a room using the individual surface temperature results from E+ and the EPW solar radiation data to account for sun directly falling on occupants.