Measuring CO2 emission

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Does Ladybug Tools measure for CO2 emissions? If no, what is the best tool to measure the effect of a construction material on air quality and CO2 emission?
Also, how powerful or accurate is Butterfly to perform air quality analysis?


If you want to define the indoor CO2 concentration monitored by one or more sensors, you can consider the ladybug tools in order to realize something like this:

You can find more details here below:

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Thank you for the reply, and sorry for my late return to the post.
Which component did you use to monitor CO2 concentration and IAQ level?

I think @Francesco661 might have meant that you can visualize physical sensor measurements with the use of LBTs, at least that’s how I understand it.

To actually calculate CO2 concentrations with OF you’d need a set up that is currently not supported in BF.

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Thank you @TheodorosGalanos for the clarification: I confirm that you can use LBTs to visualize physical sensor measurement but you can not use them to calculate CO2 concentrations with OF.
About the following question:

Which component did you use to monitor CO2 concentration and IAQ level?

You have to read the paragraphs 2.2 and 3.3.

Thank you for your reply @Francesco661 and @TheodorosGalanos

@Francesco661 where can I find these paragraphs, or which document you mean?
Also, can I measure CO2 emission of indoor constructions (e.g. walls, floor. etc.) along with CO2 release from occupants?

Why would the building materials emit CO2? It is also quite easy to calculate CO2 levels in well mixed rooms, you need outside CO2 level, room volume, internal air flow, internal CO2 emissions and a time step, usually one minute.

@MaxTillberg, thanks for the reply. I meant other airborne pollutants such as VOCs and formaldehyde emitted by materials not really CO2.
Can indoor CO2 concentration be measured in Ladybug tools? That’s all I need for now.


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i hope to find a method on BF to measure the VOCs emissions and Co2 concentration for indoor spaces :frowning:

Hello, eplus can simulate contaminants like co2 so in theory its possible In honeybee . The question is, is this possible via additional strings? @TheodorosGalanos @mostapha @chris

OF can do a variety of these simulations, which are almost always transient in nature. However, none of them is currently exposed to BF so I’m afraid it won’t be possible.


I found somewhere that by using this script you can obtain indoor CO2 concentration, then by using ladybug you can visualize the data.
hope you like (86.6 KB)

Hi Pourya,

Thanks for sharing the file!
I’m wondering if you have any idea how to convert this to suit the components in later versions of LBT (HB instead of HB-Legacy)?

Yes, I did the same thing in New version. Just return the panel to its original state and restore it from multiple data mode.

Thanks for the reply!
Excuse my beginner-level of LBTs usage, may I again check with you how to proceed with returning the panel and restoring it from multiple data mode?

Thanks in advance!