Measuring total surface of outdoor faces on Honeybee

Hello everyone!

I am trying to use the rooms of my honeybee model to measure the total surface (in m2) of faces with outdoor boundary conditions. I need that information to make some calculations for national building regulation compliance.

I could do it manually on rhino, identifying and measuring each surface one by one, but I bet there is an easy way to do it on grasshopper that could be updated every time I change the geometry.

As a workaround, I tried to use “HB Visualize by BC” component, bake or convert to brep outdoor faces, and then measure them on rhino. This, obviously, didn’t work :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

if you have multiple spaces, solve the adjacencies first.

And then you can use HB Geometry Properties with LB mass arithmetic option to get the areas. Solving adjacencies is important, else it will consider internal walls as external.

Thank you for your quick reply. This component almost solves my problem, however, it does not account for outdoor faces, but for external walls. As I see it, it excludes roofs and exposed floors, doesn’t it?

ah i see, i misread it. how about this:

HB Visualize by BC and Area component to get the total?


Thank you! That’s exaclty what I was looking for!