Mechanical ventilation based on CO2

Hello everyone,

I’d like to simulate annual energy of a building using detailed HVAC system (DOAS_FCU) for two different situations:
1-Baseline situation where the mechanical ventilation is either on or off (based on the zone’s occupancy schedule)
2- A situation in which CO2 valves are installed to regulate the amount of ventilation based on the amount of people in a room. (zone’s occupancy schedules are used as the zone’s ventilation schedules)

For any reason the results for both cases are the same. It seems for case #2 the ventilation does not follow the zone’s occupancy schedule. Any idea what the problem is? is there a parameter I’ve missed?
Thanks for your help. (919.9 KB)

Hey @Nikou ,

These two strategies aren’t mutually exclusive of one another. You can shut off the DOAS when the Building is completely unoccupied but still vary the ventilation based on the level of occupancy when the Building is occupied. This is why we are able to have two separate outputs for dcv_ and doas_avail_sch_ on the HB DOAS HVAC component.

In any event, I see that you seem to have uploaded the same HBJSONs that @Erikbeeren uploaded here:

So my guess is that the bug fix that we pushed there will also solve your issue here.