Mesh for sensor grid


I want to use Sensor Grid to create specific points for annual daylight analysis, but how can I create a mesh for Spatial Heatmap to display the analysis values?

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If you’re controlling your point generation, you could try creating a Delaunay mesh from the points.

I’m not aware of any options to create a mesh from mesh face centre points.

@charlie.brooker thanks for your response
I know how to create a mesh in Grasshopper but I want to have special meshes from specific points.
I attached a simple file from my workflow but it has the error.

  1. Solution exception:Expected number of data set values (12) to align with the number of geometries (1), the number of geometry faces (57), or the number of geometry vertices (59).

Step (44.6 KB)

Hi @Mohammad.hakim.a,

This is because the meshed circles will have a lot more faces than the number of sensor points that the circles are representing. You can repeat the UDI values by using the number of faces for each meshed circle.

You can also create a square for each sensor point, which I also added in the attached file.

Step (55.1 KB)

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