Mesh Material as Boundaries


I am currently working on a project, which has a huge metal mesh as the enclosure of a public open space. I am just curious, is there a way to set it to be precise as a semi-transparent material as a kind of boundary? Since the wind can actually blow through it but not that much, and how to set the indoor space analysis also?

Please just let me know what’s the best setting for this kind of condition.


Hi,@Boya_0819 You should tell us which kind of simulation to run. According to your description, it maybe daylighting anlaysis. Please attach some screenshot for your model for further discussion.

Not really, I’m talking about build the simulation in Butterfly, as the indoor air flow analysis has a type of boundary set up.

Hi,@Boya_0819 Butterfly support mesh as boundary.You just need to conntect mesh to geometry input.

I am not talking about mesh, of course I know “mesh” as rhino geometry could work. I am talking about the materiality, as a metal mesh, the wind could go through but not as solid as concrete, how to describe this kind of condition as a boundary.

And thank you BTW. That is also good to know.:rofl:

Acoording to your question, it is so hard to believe what are we talking about. As I said above, you should update some screenshot for your model.

It’s fine, never mind. Butterfly may can not apply material property to the boundary.