Mesh output - Getting inconsistent results

Hi. I’m getting an inconsistent result in the mesh output. the output mesh is creating some edges that seem to influence the output analysis. I have changed the grid size, without any significant changes. Any comments on this?

Input Brep:

Output mesh:


Hi @Prib, welcome to the forum!

The quick fix is to increase your offset distance.

This post covers it in a bit more detail - effectively it’s due to an issue where the meshing of the input geometry results in some faces sitting within the input geometry, which then shades the generated mesh

Hwhy is the meshing going out of plane though…

Should’nt the edges be sharp if using a rhino meshing method? It was like that at some point

Hei @Mathiassn and @charlie.brooker

I manage to make it work after moving the geometry to the rhino origin - it was located at the site coordinates before.
Cant really get a clear explanation why, but it solved the issue.

@charlie.brooker, increasing the offset was not solving the issue. It was something related with the output mesh itself. (The input is a brep)

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Glad you managed to fix the issue - if you’re able to share the model / script I’m happy to have a look tomorrow to see if I can figure out why.

@Mathiassn, looking through the code it appears that this component is using Rhinos meshing method, not the LBT version - so it does seem odd that it’s giving a “wobbly” result mesh. Maybe something to do with the distance from origin or the units? Not something I’ve come across before.

agreed. its rhinos “double” precision coordinates. get very jagged when 1000000000km from origin.
happens for all imported files, so always try to get close to origin (if in archicad etc, find a way to import IFC instead)…

archicad 3dm export is “far away” coordinates (should be changed though).

same for various other autocad landscape plans etc.

Thank you @charlie.brooker @Mathiassn for the comments! It explains the situation here I believe.

@charlie.brooker As soon I manage I will post the files - need to be simplified due to file size.