Mesh Threshold Selector

Hai, I already did the same step to use ‘Mesh threshold selector’ that connect to ‘viewstudyresult’ on the 1st case and succeeded.
but after I copying and doing the same step on the second case, this comment show

  1. Solution exception:Multiple targets could match: Compute(Brep), Compute(Surface), Compute(IEnumerable[GeometryBase]), Compute(Mesh), Compute(Curve), Compute(Hatch)

and in the ‘_analysisresult’ only the value 0 is read.

It can help if you upload the file in question.

This was recently amended in the component. Can you please update the component to the latest version and try again?

how to update it and where I can find the ladybug latest version?
thank you

Use the attached user object.Ladybug_Mesh Threshold Selector.ghuser (7.5 KB)