Mesh-to-hatch converter

Colored meshes work brilliantly for displaying graphical data from Grasshopper. However, they cannot be exported as vector graphics for use in programs such as Adobe Illustrator. To get around this limitation, I wrote a script that converts a Ladybug mesh to a collection of colored hatches, which Rhino’s vector exporter handles just fine. Would a component with this functionality be a useful addition to Ladybug?

Hi @coditect ,

Thanks for the post and we already have a component that does the translation from mesh to hatch in Legacy:

If you think that this will be useful, we can put an updated version of it into the new LBT plugin. All of the code that uses the Rhino SDK should go into the ladybug-rhino library, though. I think a function under the bakegeometry module would be most appropriate:

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I didn’t know that existed! I’ll work on porting it to Ladybug Tools over the next week or so.

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hi @coditect

did you manage to integrate it?


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Sorry, Oliver, I never got around to finishing it. I should do something about that!

Please bring this component back. It is a great help. Thanks!

I opened an issue for it and will try to address it soon:

It’s a pretty straightforward thing to implement.