Metal Modifiers for v1.7 of LBT - coding error?

Kia ora

My demo file for students has had a Metal and a Metal3 option available for a couple of years. Seldom used, but previously with no issue.

In checking through the file after syncing to v1.7 of LBT today, I noted two red material definition files. Nothing has changed in the inputs but now they generate an error.

Said error disappears when I remove the diffuse reflectance entry

I think this is a code change?

hi @MichaelDonn ,
Pay attention to the error bubble:

  1. Solution exception:Sum of Diffuse Reflection (0.400) and Specular Reflection (0.700) cannot be more than 1 (1.100).
    Just lower the diffuse/specular value until you get 1.0 (specular default is 0.9).


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An embarassing miss on my part - thanks