Microclimate map can't run correctly

Hi, i’m using microclimate map to do a simulation and the component says “1. The calculation has been terminated by the user!”
I searched on the forum but seems I have a quite different problem.
After built a simple model I found the split and add glz couldn’t come together in one simulation.

When having the split surface and add glaze both, the microclimate map component turns error.

Uploading: without srf split _ with addHlz.png…
When add glaze without split the surface,the component goes fine.

When split the surface without add glaze,the component goes fine too.

Can someone help to understand this error? Thanks.

microclimate map_woody_20210112.gh (710.7 KB)
And this is the file I use without EPW attached.


Are those interior windows? If yes, have you added the same window to adjacent zone, and solve the adjacency afterwards?

Hi, Mr Peng, the model I test doesn’t have a interior window to it.

Here is the file for a clearer display, the tested model is the red group on the left.
test_woody_20210114.gh (1.4 MB)

I just built you a sample file with a window in between two zones. Does this help?
indoorComfort.gh (631.4 KB)

Hi Mr. Peng, I can understand your sample.
The problem I met was when a window and a split surface exist on one surface in my file, the flow couldn’t work.

I just find it is the way I split the surface is wrong, which can’t recognized by the EnergyPlus:

Such a stupid problem…
Thank you Mr. Peng!