Microclimate map - strange UTCI results for midnight

I got strange results on UTCI for the file attached, using Singapore’s EPW file

During midnight of 1-Aug, the UTCI of outdoor space are almost 30+ degrees, which are even higher than some of the daytime results such as 14pm:

Appreciate if you can advise if this is reasonable!

Thank you!

T02_v004.gh (692 KB)

Hi Grasshope

I have done two type of analysis about your results and I think that it’s right.
At 1:00 , there is no sun, the air temperature and relative humidity are more high than 14:00, while the wind speed is low. So it’s more probable to have situations of discomfort with this assumptions.
In fact, the high wind can decrease the sensation of discomfort during the summer as well as low levels of humidity.
Besides this check one can see where there are shaded zones. So, it’s possible to check the results using “comfort in shade” method.
1 AGO 14:00

If you compare the image above with yours , you’ll see that the yellow areas overlap the shaded zones.



Thank you very much, Antonello, for your detailed explanation!

I now have a better understanding of the rationale behind the microclimate mapping component.