Midrise Apartment: Corridor - Solution exception:unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'NoneType'

Hi there!

I very often have a problem with MidriseApartment:Corridor zone program.
It is working very rarely, mostly never. And sometimes it works, and then it crashes in the future even tho I did not modify anything related to those zones.
Here is an example:

I found one close topic to that, however it seems that it was ignored.

Recompute, relaunch Ladybug Honeybee, update and download new Honeybe - dont help.

I have been having this issue with different versions of Honeybee.

Hopefully you can help.
Thank you.

Can you share a minimal version of the GH file with geometry and weather data internalised?

No problem :slight_smile:
corridor.gh (528.0 KB)

I checked your file and unfortunately it does not create the same error at my end. The file runs without any fatal errors. I am using Openstudio 2.1.

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I am using 2.4, However I had same issue with an older version 1.7 or something… Can it be an issue with ghPython?

I’m having the same issue. When I label the zones using the “LabelZones” component for Occupancy Schedule attribute, the zones that are assigned Midrise Apartment Corridor show “None”. Has anyone been able to fix this??

Hi Dennis,

A corridor I would expect wouldn’t have an occupancy schedule, as we don’t typically include for occupants. You would not expect a person to remain within that space for more than perhaps a few minutes. Unless you are running with a very small timestep, there is no need to include for occupants within a corridor. There wouldn’t then be an issue to fix.

If you want your corridor to include for people then I suggest you override the occupancy schedule later within the workflow.


Hi @ElzineBraasch,

I’d agree, that it doesn’t seem they would need a schedule. The thing that throws me off is that other program options such as Hotel or Office corridors DO have a schedule. It seems strange that those options would have a defined schedule, but not the mid-rise apartment.