Mirror Material

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to model a Light Shelf in HoneyBee, but when i apply the preset material (Honeybee Radiance Mirror Material) it has no effect on the scene: essentially it doesn’t reflect the light that is supposed to bounce off of the shelf.

Can anybody help me?

Attached there’s the script and a picture showing what I’m trying to model.

Thank you all!


unnamed.gh (540 KB)

hi Alessandro, did you check the normal direction for the shelf? mirror materials should face the light.


Yes, I checked the normal of the surface.

If I flip it, the Ladybug component Bounce from surface will stop working with a “No reflection” error. I think that the normal direction of the surface is ok.

I made also a couple of illuminance simulatons with the RGB reflectance parameter of the mirror once set to 0 and once set to 1. Something is changing but I was expecting a more radical difference.

I’m uploading also an update version of the grasshopper file (epw url was missing)

Mirror.gh (497 KB)

As mentioned by Masoumeh, mirror materials will be only applied to one side of the surface. The results look right to me. If you want to make sure that mirror material is applied correctly put a camera looking to the surface and you should be able to see the reflections inside the mirror.

Thank you all for your help!

The problem was actually the normal direction of the surface. I thought that the Ladybug component was enough to check the normal of one surface.

Thank you again :slight_smile: