Missing EP Libraries/Constructions

Hi There!

Since I updated HB/LB to the latest version I am having a problem. I am missing a lot of information in terms of the EP library including material and constructions. For example, I dont have the clear window material or the AIRWall construction. I believe I am doing things right in the scripts and cant find why. I am attaching an image. I believe that in theory I should be seeing more constructions right? Please help me and thank you for your time.

Hi Jose,

Can you check output of Honeybee_honeybee. It should give you a short report about the number of constructions and materials. Make sure the libraries are downloaded on your machine.


Hi Mostapha,

I believe I fixed it, I deleted the master template idf file from C:\ladybug and downloaded a new one from a thread here in the forum. The old one I deleted was a very small file and when i opened it with a text editor it was pretty empty. The new one seems fine. Thank you!


Hi Jose
Can you please share the IDF here?
Mone is empty and I am facing serious issues while making window material.