Missing Honeybee Components (Ladybug-Last_Version for GH)

Hi, I just installed the last version of Ladybug which should contain honeybee.

I downloaded different files from hydrashare (https://hydrashare.github.io/hydra/?keywords=HBExampleFiles)

They works, but when I try to find some components I cannot find it in my toolbar!

I can’t understand why,

When I installed Ladybug I get the following tool in my toolbars:


I tried to watch a YouTube course course which use some honeybee components and I wasn’t able to find some component as for example Honeybee_Masses2Zones, or the Main component “Vviiiiizzzzz!”

As you can see above my toolbar is pretty different comparing to the Chris Mackey toolbar in the youtube videos.

So I can’t find the component from my toolbar, but when I run some examples I can find the component and they works!

What I should do?

Thanks in advance to all of you guys!

Hi @lorenzo994,

The videos you watched are made with honeybee legacy. That is the older version of Honeybee and Ladybug. For the new LBT tools, which you downloaded, the workflow is slightly different. In the folder you downloaded there is a folder called samples. Here you can find clear examples of the new workflow. Perhaps it is better to look at these examples. Here you can find a video of the new LBT tools:

Some of the differences you allready discovered:

  1. The Vviiiizzzzzz components are gone and you do not need them anymore.

  2. Zones are now called rooms.

Thanks! I know sometimes there are changes, but I never expect changes like this!


Hope this answer would be helpful for everyone newbe as me!

You where actualy not the first who came up with this question. :wink:

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