Missing LB function

I’m running the latest version of LB (downloaded 20th of december) on Rhino 7 on Mac.
I have noticed that a lot of my LB tools are different from what I see in the currents videos or tutorials, do you know if it’s because of the new version or the fact that I am running it on Mac ?

Is my LB version capable of all the former functions ? If yes do you have an explication manual to explain the new interface, and how to switch from one to the other ?
Sorry if this topic is similar to some other but I wanted to know if there is some news about it in january

I had the same thinking. And i can tell you indeed ou will not find some of the tools, and some of them are not in the package and others are with some changes on inputs and outputs and so…

Also i had noticed that Most of the videos on youtube or even on the page are some years olf rn, so maybe they added and removed. But the basic are there.

Im still tinkering with the Tool, let me know if you notice something.

@ArSergio @felixgrezaud You should check this post.


I think is th one i got. ill check it when i get home.