Missing parameter in Honeybee_Generator_PV component

Hello everyone,

I’m considering to use Honeybee_Generator_PV to simulate PV generation integrated on facades of a building. I was happy that this component has _integrationMode input then I could study the thermal effect of PV integrated to the building facades as well, but this parameter is missing in the Generator_PV component that I have. I updated all the components once but nothing has been changed. Is there any way that I can fix this problem.

Many thanks in advance.

The component has changed. See here.

Not sure why the input has been removed. Maybe @chris or @AntonSzilasi can help.

I believe that @AntonSzilasi may have put the input there but never actually implemented code to make it work (or maybe he did and he deprecated it). In any case, we don’t support it now with the component and, unless @AntonSzilasi has any other suggestions, you’ll likely have to edit the IDF manually or write a measure to do this for you.

@ Fereshteh
Sorry I never added that functionality and I also have neglected these components for the last 2 years! Sorry about that.

May I suggest that you add it manually?

@mostapha, @chris, @AntonSzilasi, Thanks for answering and sorry for the late reply.
I’m a very beginner in LB and HB and now trying to compare the difference between PV components in LB and HB to see which are proper for my work. Based on this discussion am I right that Ladybug PV components are more stable to work with?
@AntonSzilasi thanks for recommending to add the functionality manually. If there is any discussion, post, example that I can get an idea of how to do that, I would appreciate for sharing it here.

@Fereshteh It would be best for @Mostapha to answer this question, I wrote the HB PV components
over 3 years ago and I havent kept them update to date but I assume that they are still working