Missing text in the _HB View from Viewport components code

Dear @chris and @mostapha,

I noticed that in the _HB View from Viewport component the Options Planisphere [stereographic] projection (s) is missed in the code

I tried to manually edit the code, but the result is not correct

Thanks and best regards


Thanks for reporting this, @LaFleur . This must have been an oversight on my part. I’ll push a fix shortly.

I just merged a fix:

Thanks again for reporting!

Hallo @chris,

I think there is still something wrong, you also notice it from the size of the image.
This is the result,

instead this should be the result:

The second Image would be generated with Honeybee-Legacy, thanks the code adjustment from @mikkel, explained in this post,

Hi @LaFleur,

If you set workers to 1 it should work for now. When the planisphere view is split by the workers it does so incorrectly at the moment. That’s why your image is wrong.

Hey @LaFleur ,

@mikkel was able to figure out a fix and I just merged it into the codebase:

You should be able to get the fix with the LB Versioner in an hour or so. After that, you’ll get correctly-sized planisphere images out of the View-based recipe no matter how many workers you use.

Thanks @chris and @mikkel, now works perfectly!!

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